Moving Cost

What’s included at the Moving Cost?

Moving Cost

These are just a few of the factors that you can use to figure out how much movers cost.

When it comes down to getting a moving estimates and totaling up the actual moving expenses you may need to do a bit of simple math to eventually consider the total price of your move.
Luckily there are some great moving coupons and promotions that many movers do to help you cut down on your overall moving costs.Take advantage of these relocation packages to save money on your move.

These are the basics costs and factors that you need to consider when calculating the overall cost of your move and how much will movers cost.

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Moving Cost

1. The size of the truck that you need:
Moving Cost: Depending on the size of the move that you have a moving company may need to show up with a larger truck which can mean a much larger moving cost. Generally you will pay by the square footage used in any truck and also for the gas and mileage done by each truck so it’s important to get the right sized vehicle that isn’t too big for your move but one that still able to fit all of your furniture and belongings. Additional truck charges can make your move expensive especially when you go with the mover that only has small trucks available.


2. Gas costs & Moving Cost
The cost of gas can factor into the price of your move as well. It’s important to consider that you will need to pay for all of the gas and mileage spent by your local mover. This means the tracking gas not only for your own car but also for the moving truck is very important. Some movers go buy a flat rate distance based off of their previous gas charges and it’s important to get these up front when calculating the cost of your move.


3. Packaging & Moving Cost
In some cases movers will provide their own packaging and equipment to help you better move all of your belongings. When equipment packaging is involved the cost of your move can go up exponentially as some movers will charge you a deposit on packaging and others will simply make you buy the storage and packaging out right.


4. Man-hours:
this is important to consider when hiring a mover and it usually depends on the amount of stuff you have as well as how far you are traveling during the course of your move. Movers must charge by the hour and by the number of crew members that they bring with them and you can do some rough calculations to estimate the cost of your move through man-hours.

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